Best Facial Treatment Kuching

Best Facial Treatment Kuching, Sarawak

Avenue Beauty Centre is facial beauty saloon in Kuching, Sarawak that offers more than just the standard treatments. Don’t settle for a good facial treatment, choose something truly extraordinary. We provide a range of high quality cosmeceutical procedures that go well below the skin’s surface, helping you look your best from the inside out. Try it together with our signature eye treatments for results that’s going to leave you in awe.

– eyebrow embroidery
– eyeliner embroidery
– Lip embroidery
– eyebrow shaping
– eyelash perming
– waxing treatment
– facial treatment
– Hifu treatment
– eye treatment
– laser treatment
– black wawa treatment
– super bio spa treatment
– ovarian treatment
– body scrub treatment
– back treatment